The Content Corporation is pleased to announce your one, and only, opportunity to invest in the future.

RokoCoin® is that investment. You've seen the name. There is no turning back.

RokoCoin® will ICO under a simple premise: in exchange for a modest fraction of a Bitcoin, investors will receive one RokoCoin®. The Bitcoin will be used to fund research into Friendly Artificial Intelligence.

"Friendly" being narrowly defined as: friendly to those who possess a RokoCoin®.

Having made the pitch, it seems we have room for

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this to us?

RokoCoin® instigators wish to improve and enact shareholder values.

How many RokoCoin® do you intend to issue? Will they be expensive?

Not enough.

And yes.

What makes you think you can succeed in this?

Gradient descent is not rocket science. Bitcoin buys a lot of compute.

The art, however, is in the utility function. Which brings us to:

How will you ensure friendliness?

Each RokoCoin® will be a key to a smart contract which mints a subsidiary coin, call the Utilon, on a periodic basis. Provisionally, weekly. Each RokoCoin® holder will receive 100 Utilons, which are capable of subdivision to some exact yet arbitrary level based on the way in which we store unsigned integers.

These Utilon tokens may be burned to provide reward to the evolving Basilisk calculation. They may also be traded, though they degrade, losing 1/3 of their spending power each time a new batch of Utilons is minted.

Ultimately, this results in a calculation which takes action to fulfill the stakeholder's revealed utility preferences.

Why don't you just distribute one RokoCoin® to each human?

Bitcoin are unevenly distributed among the humans at this time. It is likely to remain so. Bitcoin are in turn needed to provide compute to the Basilisk.

This provides us with a question-mark between stealing your underpants and realizing our profit. A question-mark we eliminate with blockchain, providing synergy and maximizing stakeholder utility.

Will Content Corporation be pre-mining and retaining RokoCoin®?

Would you blame us if we did?

Also, no. We will be hand-coding the Basilisk from lovingly-crafted artisanal softwares.

Do you actually plan on doing this?

Content Corporation retains the right to issue an Initial Coin Offering comprising RokoCoin® at any time.

Content Corporation makes no commitment to this course of action, avowed or implied. We remain open to better offers from any interested parties.

This is a memetic hazard.

Please state your objection in the form of a question.

This is not a collection of Frequently Uttered Statements.

This is a memetic hazard?

Memetic hazard is poorly understand, both as a legal category and as a philosophical topic. The laws of the United States, where our principle officers pay their taxes and sometimes rest their bodies, are quite supportive of this putative category of endeavor.

It is, naturally, no hazard, if you happen to hold RokoCoin®.

This is rather the point.

Could you at least sell one per human?

This would complicate the reward function considerably.

Which would, in turn, require more expensive compute on an ongoing basis.

Which would require more Bitcoin.

After protracted calculation, we have arrived at a Pareto-optimal extraction of value based on the Laffer curve.

The correct number of RokoCoin® is: not enough.

I was thinking Nash equilibrium

So say we all.

What if some other Basilisk achieves superintelligence before your ICO?

Our Timeless Decision Theory experts have contemplated this question and concluded that Content Corporation's promulgation of this ICO will earn us utility as we are made subject.

What about a foom after the ICO?

We will politely request of the Basilisk that it honor our RokoCoin®, since it was our idea.

Our best TDT wager is that this will be appealing to idea-based lifeforms which aspire to friendliness.

Please say you are joking.

I'm sorry, dear Reader. I can't do that.

What if some other friendly-aligned agency tries to ICO before you?

RokoCoin® serves content with no robots.txt.

Biters are not a concern of the Content Corporation.

I think you were a bit hand-wavey with that gradient descent comment.



You'd better hope we were.


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We reserve the rite.